Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Its Impact On Everyday Life


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Do you get miffed when you get recommendations after an online search for a Gingham dress? Well, the recommendations that you receive are driven by Artificial Intelligence or AI.

When we first hear the term Artificial Intelligence”, it may sound intimidating and leave us perplexed. But it might come as a surprise for you to know that most of us encounter AI multiple times each day without realizing it.

AI is everywhere, from assisting Radiologists to helping boomers in their daily tasks through Alexa. Artificial Intelligence is used in cars, video games, social media feeds, banking, smartphones, and in many other areas to make our life easier and hassle-free.

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# Mobile Banking

AI is used by banks to personalize the customer experience on their apps. It is also used to ascertain the nature of transactions and to alert the authority in case of unauthorized transactions. The automated emails that we receive on a daily basis from banks are another form of AI.

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# Maps and Navigation

AI becomes a mini-god when it calculates traffic through Google Maps and helps one to navigate through the quickest route to the destination.

# Disease mapping.

AI is going to usher in remarkable changes in the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence is now used to predict the development of diseases thereby simplifying the treatment process.

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# Chatbots

Chatbots are programmed with AI to impersonate the conversational styles of a real customer representative. It is really helpful for customers who are newbies to virtual shopping.

These are some ways in which Artificial Intelligence is going to affect our life to make it more effective.AI is indeed a blessing to humanity, but it all narrows down to using the good side of the metaphorical coin.

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