Easy Ways to Boost Your Self–Esteem

Empowerment through Self-awareness


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I once knew a little ten-year-old girl who bagged the top prize in the Annual Calligraphy competition at school. For the painfully shy kid, it felt like being on top of the world. Why was this experience life-changing for the little girl? Was it because she felt visible and valued? No, the incident felt phenomenal for the little girl only because she finally found her "self"

According to self-esteem expert Morris Rosenberg, Self-esteem is quite simply one’s attitude toward oneself. He described it as a favorable or unfavorable attitude toward the ‘self’.

Low self-esteem can spring from a current problem or as a result of other problems. So, how to overcome this period of emptiness and bounce back to your usual happy self. Let’s see how.

Here are some insights to consider if you’re struggling with Low Esteem:-

# It’s natural to feel demotivated and sluggish. Never allow your thoughts to pull you down. Give yourself some rest, time, and space to heal.

# You go through Low- esteem because you value yourself and there is a longing deep inside you to be your best.

# Your life is not defined by what people perceive about you. No matter how good a person you are (read it again), you will never be enough for some. So start filling your cup than draining yourself for others.

#You must be going through a tough phase now. It can be a family problem, a painful breakup, the death of a close one, or financial debts. Whatever the pain is, you might be feeling unloved, heartbroken, misunderstood, and unwanted. It’s okay. We all have been there. So how can you improve self-esteem and why should you do it?

As humans, we all tend to compare our abilities, achievements, and even appearance with that of others. Learn to hush all these limiting thoughts and start embracing your uniqueness.

Here are a few simple steps that you can implement in your life for that extra dose of self-esteem:-

1. Start a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journaling is the habit of writing about the things you’re grateful for. Make it a habit to end the day by writing down the ten things that you are grateful for. It will help you to appreciate the things that you have rather than what you don’t have. Start by celebrating the small joys in your life. Be thankful.

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2. Take a break from social media

When you feel low, think about how an ant differs from an elephant in the way they are programmed. Accept yourself with all your glows and flaws. Take a break from social media and invest in yourself in the real world than on reels. Be kind to yourself and submerge yourself in positive experiences.

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3. Never miss an opportunity to help others.

Helping people is the most effective way to notch up your confidence. It can be a small help. Being of value to others triggers the brain to release dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These happy hormones counteract the effect of cortisol (stress hormone). So trust me, do your bit for others. You should also start seeing the good in others and also tell it to them to boost their confidence.

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4. Cultivate the habit of reading.

Make it a habit to read a new book every month. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Reading will expand your knowledge, language, and your clarity to perceive things.

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5. Do something that you love

Ya, I heard you…It sounds simple but it works like magic. Do something that you love. It can be as simple as starting a hobby, learning a foreign language, or starting something u have been trying to do for a long time. When you engage in productive things, then there won’t be any space for any negative emotions.

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6. Learn to say “NO”

Stop waiting for approval from others. Learn to be assertive, and eventually, you will stop being a people pleaser.

7. Meditation

Meditation controls thoughts and keeps your mind from running amok. Explore meditation apps like Headspace, Calm, etc, and spend at least 10 minutes every day for meditation.

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8. Build positive relationships and practice Self-love

Surround yourself with people who support you, value you, and lift you during a crisis. Listen to your body and eat food that nourishes you. Get enough sleep and end the toxic self-talk.

Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself. Learn to accept compliments that come your way. Start treating yourself with love, care, and respect. Eventually, you will grow into a happy, healthy person.

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I’m not proposing that these steps will change you overnight. Taking micro-steps is the key to evolving into your best version.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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